Gospel Music Compilation #12

Gospel Music Compilation #12 with Bill & Gloria Gaither and the Homecoming Friends.



  1. ChosenCDA says:

    Phelps is truly gifted of God.

  2. gabriel lupu says:

    super frumos nu prea anteleg dar te unge la suflet bravoooo

  3. greg25ism says:

    i just relax when i listen to those songs! praise to the Lord, the creator of the world!

  4. Jack Burkett says:

    The first song is really special. Who is the beautiful lady with the beautiful voice singing “Praise His Name”. WOW!!!

  5. jeff hardin says:

    Sheri Easter

  6. Jack Burkett says:

    Thanks for responding. I went on line to find the song, lyrics, and was very pleased. This program is just terrific. I’m glad I saw it today! Thanks. Jack

  7. Strul83 says:

    01:18:30 – Wow! That blind little girl. :) So sweet. :D <3

  8. emma montilla says:

    wow! it so wonderful to find this songs…thumbs up!!! to god be the glory…

  9. Joe Dunn says:

    Could you please tell me who the guys at 25 minutes are? The music is just amazing…

  10. jeff hardin says:

    The Gaither Vocal Band-David Phelps taking lead.

  11. Joe Dunn says:

    Thank you. Could you also please tell me the name of the song they are singing?

  12. jeff hardin says:

    More Than Ever

  13. dukesgal39 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing all this wonderful music …. looking forward to more of the same!

  14. iymalive says:

    Just what I needed.

  15. Gelson José de Almeida says:

    What a beautiful thing, so much talent together just to praise God, the one who is worthy to be worshiped, God bless you so much.
    Hallelujah –
    Pastor José de Almeida Gelson – Brazil

  16. mpoly5 says:

    Hi Jeff, could you please tell me which homecoming series the the first song by Sheri and the life boat is from, i really would like to buy it

  17. Sog Rag says:

    Thank you for this wonderful compilation. We played it tonight during mom’s departure form this world to the arms of her Savior. This music helped us and we believe her to have a beautiful, hopeful transition.

  18. surachai wannawaengkoung says:

    Thank you

  19. Jose antonio de Oliveira says:


  20. loveorangefj says:

    what a blessing Children of God! PRAISE HIM, PRAISE HIM!

  21. Glenn Mulbah says:


  22. Kenny Ee says:

    All the songs touched and inspired me. I would like to thank all the singers for their contributions and pray that they would continue to sing beautifully for God’s glory!

  23. lkwdbbw85 says:

    I wish I knew what homecoming this is with the GVB what place it is where they’re on that high platform.

  24. Sal5575 says:

    This version of “Here we are at 40:30 minutes what CD is it from?
    It’s just amazing!!

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